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Questions / Answers

Are your silks really without maintenance ?

Yes. Treated entirely to the heart they are waterproof,moisture does not penetrate,they are always dry, does not need to pull them out of the reel after each fishing party and lubricate them only if the silk tends to sink.


As all natural silks should they be lubricated each time ?
No, lubrification should not be systematic.Moreover with too much lubricating we end up having a film on the silk which soaks up silica. Of this fact the combination of both transforms your silk, it becomes abrasive and deteriorates the rings of your fishing cane.


When not in use for some time or late season should we be winding silk on a bicycle rim like I do with my old natural silk ?
No, our silks are without memory you can leave them on your reel even at the end of the season. By the following season they emerge as you put it in.


Do your silks have different profiles ?
No, they are all parallel

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