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Junction with low of line

the junction of the silk thread and the bottom line is done using the hook or needle node has inverted palette (see sketch)


We must make a loop with the heel bottom line, ask about 2 centimeters from the tip of silk thread ( reel side loop), do 3 laps around the entire silk and bottom line up towards the loop, then move the bottom line in the heel loop, pull hard from both sides of the bottom line.


During this operation a constriction occurs at the silk , preventing the node from slipping.


Anecdotally, this knot I was shown by an old fisherman ( thank you grandpa ) saying to me ! " Michel , 3 turns for trout, salmon 6 "


Do not use glue to finish the knot it is not necessary


Note : This discrete node going very well in advanced ring. Personally I find in all natural silk and woven bottom line very powerful but the choice of the leader is a matter of comfort and personal choices.

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